Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i just laughed really hard at this.

it's 5:59am and i still have one more hour left of work. my eyeballs feel like thyre falling out of my head. i have a fever, one side of my face is swollen, and it is fucking freezing because im answering phones for the emergency room today and im right by the door. as sick i feel, i feel like a bitch for complaining because im staring at a room full of people who are far more worse off than me. or at least i think. so far i have seen:

a 15 year old pregnant girl who said she didn't know why she could stop 'leaking'. and was questioning if it was pee. she didnt know her water broke.
a drug addict basketball player, or so he kept telling me, whose foot was feeling soft like a sponge.
a homeless guy sleeping.
and a room full of people who it looks like theyre in the worst pain of their lives or people who look like theyre in the best shape of their life.
it wasnt so bad but i wish i was back in my normal spot. behind a nice warm desk by myself. these people back here were complaining all night about everyone else that works here. who cares. why spend so much time complaining about other people. yeah work sucks and sometimes the people that you work with suck but dont waste more time complaining...go youtube david after the dentist or something.

ps just rewatched that video and i laughed really hard outloud.

i think im slowly losing my mind.
i feel like the left side of my face is swollen. i think my sideburn piercing if getting infected under my skin. it hurts so bad. wtfff. what a stupid thing. why did i even get this thing. a wasted $90.

game night tomorrow.funnnn
pot luck and game night is even better but i can settle just for some games.
and thursday class all day. printmaking and senior seminar.
any thoughts about friday?

ok im going to stop now.
too sleepyyyyy