Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you're not mine and im' not yours.

i don't need a title.

they know they have you anyway.
locked, stuck, and trapped.

Monday, October 27, 2008

all of your mimsys

were borgoves.
but i cant stop saying it.
with a british accent.
but yeah.
so this is what i did last night...

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

as tired as i was i managed to make some goofy stuff. watercolors are actually fun.
ive always hated them but its fun to mess around with...
i really like displaced color and i think i might do a watercolor for my project for blavat.
we will see.
i obviously wait til the last minute for these things. aka due tomorrow.
iiight have to get back to reading about the silencing of homophobia in classrooms.

ps ignore that stupid alien thing.
i was making fun of someone and thats what i get because then i ruined that doodle of the big guy.
im an asshole.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

wake up

im boreddddd


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

my teeth feel like they are rotting right out of my head.

i just drank an xtragranditall-or whatever starbucks' sizes are-carmel apple cider

and as delicious as it was...i feel like i should be spitting out a tooth soon or
e x p l o d i n g
i hope i lose the teeth before i explode because then i can make a necklace out of teeth and floss.
or a keychain.

ok really, i have to write this midterm. enough stalling.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

haven't posted in a while but nothing is too new.
past week has been hectic with school work and midterms and projects. i havent been really making art lately. the other day i had ther perfect opportunity to paint and once i got everything set up, i couldnt even think of what i wanted to do. i had too many thoughts in my head but nothing was processing the way i wanted them to. i have projects due for blavat but i feel like thats more like school work. everything is working out what seems to be well with my independent study and its a different direction for me but i like what its rooted by. i know lawl is prob the only person who reads this and i dont think i told her what im doing for im going to do it recreating pages of my journal-old and new-but using different materials that represent what the entries mean. my proposal was obviously a lot cooler and more descriptive but whatever. i already made one project and the next thing im doing is a triptic of an entry with an image projecting on top of it. its something completely different and i dont know how much ill like it once its done but itll be something different for me.

anyway what else. hmmmm
oh i made up a livejournal name? just so i can make posts on ohnotheydidnt and postsecret. tell me im not a dork and a half. it makes sense and i know ill prob only use it at work. or not.
my profile name is flossed. because i like flossing. duhhhh
so ghey

ive also started observing for my art ed class. thats a lot of fun. for my practicum i have to observe a classroom for 2 hours a week for ten weeks. i wanted to teach highschool so i figure id observe the little kids thinking id might like it...and i really just want to mush these kids. they are unbelievably adorable. the teacher that im supposed to be tkaing notes from has yet to give me something good to take away from her teaching but the third and fifth graders are the best.
end of story.

ok time to get out of work.
later gators.