Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010, turning over a dog

hot dogs really hit the spot sometimes.

2009 was filled with school, work, teaching, new friends, shows, music, doctor appointments, dexterities, more sbthh time, lots of family time etc etc
everyone gives me a lot of crap for not being around as much as i used to but i just wanted to spend my extra time with my family. my parents are becoming my best friends, my sister is cool, and my brother is the best kid i know. love them all to death.
i feel like i have really come into my own within the past year.
i'm at the point where i'm overworking myself, but i kinda actually like it? weird right? after this year i hope i'll be able to find a job and start working toward my future like i have been planning to do. i'm so anxious to graduate (haha i feel like i've been saying that for years!) and start things for myself. on the other a little nervous for taking the second praxis-i have to brush up on my art history son! god knows im terrible with that! go figure, an art teacher who is awful with art history hahah
i booked a trip to go visit kev's sister in the virgin islands. i'm really stoked for the trip since the other one fell through with the cruise. i haven't really been anywhere and i guess this is a'll be nice to be on an island somewhere ...i know i won't ever want to come back

i moved in with b and everything is just like it was before-i didnt really think much would change, except all of my things would just be in a more convient spot haha. he really is the best and i'm the happiest i have ever been:)i will marry him someday
i like where i am in life and i really feel like this year will be an important one for me. yey to 2010 already:)