Sunday, December 21, 2008

everything happened so fast and it made this year just fly by.

2008 started out with me being retarded and not really doing much for the entire month of January. Maggie and i's birthday party was awesome and that was the highlight of my January and took the stress of health related issues off my mind for a second. February was a blur but from what i remember i had spent about three to four days a week at the baby store and tried an assortment of depression and anxiety medications which all just made me feel worse-not to mention the other cocktail of meds i was on for other things. i had a lot of support from my girlfriends and they are the best for listening to me complain and try and make sense of something that just didn't.

i was let down in the beginning of 2008 by someone close to me and I did something that i had even disappointed myself in doing-which a lot of people hate me for but they don’t even know the half of it and never will. Everyone has opinions about other people and the decisions that they make even if they’re too ignorant to find out what really happened and even consider the reasons WHY things happen. But I don’t need to go into that now, let alone provide an explanation for my actions to anyone but of two people.

I fell in love three times this year and I’m thankful for every person who showed me love and who let me show it back.

SO-February I ended it with one and I met someone new who showed me my heart could only grow bigger. March was full of crème brulee. Went to a wedding with Lawl and hung out with her family in Virginia. Went to D.C. for the first time and had a fun time and an unforgettable experience. Had another trip to Baltimore which was so much fun and introduced me to seafood that I have always been so reluctant to try. I had an awesome Memorial Day that I spent at LBI which is my fav beach of all time. And I had my first Pirate Weekend experience of Maryland which was nothing less than awesome- you dress up as pirates and do pirate things all weekend- and do nothing but pirate activities, who WOULDN’T want that! And June=WALLE.

I guess April, may, June, and July, seem to run together to me because I was running around so much. I spent a lot of time in parks, eating chicken parm, dancing, enjoying being out of school, working at a new job, and learning how much I really do hate the northeast.

July I got a bff tattoo with Laurel of paper planes right before she moved away
:( but :) at the same time because I’m going to see her soon!

August the rollercoaster of emotions was put to an end and I went down to Georgia to visit laurel<3 and stopped to pick up my hedgehog SPLASHBOX along the way. What an awesome tripJ that alone is a blog itself. August I also went to Coney Island but everything was closed-and I know it’s a deathcab song but everything was really closed-and not a strip club in sight. September school started back up and I fell in love with my painting teacher blavat and printmaking all over again but struggled with art history, again. I’ve lost touch with a lot of friends this year but I don’t think that some of them realize how busy I have been. It’s hard when someone has nothing but school work and to be honest I worked all summer. Five days a week from the end of June to the beginning of August. This semester I just had to cut going out because I had to concentrate on school work and focus less on what I’m doing Friday and Saturday night, which I am usually working from 3-11pm anyway. It’s hard to try and manage everything without at least one person being disappointed in you that you’re not around but for once in my life I prioritized. Then goes October…I finally-FINALLY-paid off my credit card debt. Thank the Lord. It took forever for me to pay it off and I do not even know how I managed to do so considering it has been weighing above my head for about three or four years now. October was last September’s mirror image all over again with health related issues and I was a slice of cheese for Halloween. November I went to see alkaline trio play in Chicago but got bummed when they only played a 20minute set. Also got bummed when I saw Matt Skiba come out in white hipster jeans with black hipster suspenders attached, with a white hipster t-shirt, and a black chad hat. Hahahah Microsoft word told me that I should revise that because it was a fragment but I refuse. (plus its more of a ramble.) But Chicago was fun and expensive but worth it. It was my first time there. Then, I worked on Thanksgiving and had two styles of Thanksgiving dinner, one from my nan and one from the somm’s, brought to me which made my night.

And so that leaves me to December.

The radio was awesome this year and I developed a love for TI that I never thought I would ever have.

But my list of overall awesome things of 2008…

1. Splashbox aka sb t hh aka the little man

2. Walle

3. Trips.

4. Crème brulee

5. Crème brulee ben and jerry’s ice cream

6. More Bukowski in my life

7. Seeing Frank Iero play with Reggie

8. Frank Iero

9. Bayside

10. Watercolors

11. Red Wine

12. Printmaking

13. Art openings with free wine and cheese

14. Netflix

15. My orange fisher price phone

16. Agony and Irony

17. Season 3 of Sunny on DVD

18. Obsession with teeth/flossing

19. My independent study project

20. Golden Corral

21. Friday naps with my mom

22. Brand new covering Oh Comely at Stockton

23. Lou Palou

24. Burt’s Bees

25. Great shows like:

Ting Tings, Radiohead, We Are Scientists, Lemuria, Ataris- hahaha, Los Campesinos!, Alkaline Trio, Pink Razors, and Reggie and the Full Effect’s Last show ever.

26. Bees

27. Hangman

28. Having my tooth pulled

29. Oh no they didn’t

30. Pee Cups

BUMOUTS of 2008:

1. Pee cups

2. Laurel moving away

3. Ware on teeth from excessive amounts of dunkin donuts

4. Season four of Sunny

5. Art History

6. Isobel not responding

7. Jinx L

8. All of the tests and health problems I had to go through this year

9. Anxiety attacks

10. Robert Pattison

That’s it. I am excited for 2009 to get here because I’m curious if it is going to be anything like 2008. The Get Up Kids are coming back which I’m super excited about because I love them with all of my heart.

And that’s it.

I can’t even think of something good to end with but

“…remains sexy while doing so”.



Saturday, December 20, 2008

this is a bayside post.

Saturday 27 December 2008
and Eyes on the Prize

Hangar 84
Vineland, NJ

so stoaked.
to hell with valencia though.
can do without.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

prints paints and stuff

my crit with blavat went well but i thought it was going to be more of a good job crit than a you need to work on this kind of crit. he said a buncjh of good stuff too but whatevaaaa. he gave me a lot of insight throughout the semester and i think i learned a lot.
printmaking was so much fun-a lot of extra work but fun.
i might take extra printmaking classes just to take them.
and i just got doen talking with Hricko and i asked him if i can apprentice under him over the summer or next semester and he said yes
which is totally rad.
i feel like i can really learn a lot from him-especially when it comes to being precise and clean.
so yeah
thats my day.
im not really all here right now but i guess you already figured that.
now onto the last paper of the semester...
art history :.(

im so happy i think im going to pee all over her when i see her.
she has no idea.


Saturday, December 13, 2008


the past two weeks it has been crunch time for me.

school work has taken over my life COMPLETELY, or at least thats what it feels like and it makes me nothing less than anxious for this next week to be over. i took the first praxis this week- and thank god kev helped me to study for math because i wouldve failed it if we didn't- but yeah. i forget where i was going with that. the praxis, oh wasnt too too bad im just glad its over for right now because i have really bad anxiety when it comes to taking big tests like that. i know that sounds kind of silly but i have bad anxiety as is so when it comes to things of that sort-forget it. ima mess. but im glad i passed it now i have to start studying for the next one, prob sometime after the holidays.
more about my week...

cant remember much of it-saturday:ate somm lemons off of the lemon tree and also ate some felaffels at mama mike's house before lighten up and kev almost cried. that was before our hearts came out of our chest when an ambulance came out of nowhere and we almost adopted a boston terrier. a little out of sequence but whatever. sunday:work. monday: night at home watching raymond and the king of queens. tuesday:praxis and splashbox the hedgehog and the movie teeth. ps:thursday i spent a few hours in a print lab just to make one of those huge prints-my crit is on this tuesdaycoming up- all for it to get stuck to the masonite that i was printing from. awesome. i only made one other print and a proof. ughhh this crit is going to be hell. but kev and i ate cheese, crackers, and pears for lunch so im iight with thursday. after the print studio, we went to the crane arts for thier gallery opening that they have every second thursday of the month. it was great for free wine, cheese, and other snacks but besides for the icebox, wasn't feeling too much of the art. but like i said, the icebox was cool. i wish that i had gotten a picture of the shark with the party hat though.

friday was just as crazy-i think we had cheese and pears today for lunch, not thursday. whatever day it was, lunch was delicious. work from 12-5:30 then grabbed some canned ravilois, not as bad as it sounds, and some shrimp rolls. SPEAKING of, its my new kick. shrimp rolls with loads of duck sauce. how unhealthy but oh so tasty. think im just getting it in now because i never used to eat anyway, headed to julia's art show which was really cool. she is going to make a lot of money someday. <3. talked to kel WHO IS BACK and in town which im excited for vendor hotdogs and shopping sprees. kel if you read this lets go shopping in cent cit:)date. kev and i stopped by this art auction but stayed for a half a minute because we couldn't see anything and didn't have any money so it was pointless to be there. picked up somm wine and headed-yet again- to the print studio to meet up with priscilla, manny, ian, and company. i love them a lot. had a little wine and numbered my prints and had fun with the lovelies. it got to be around 11 when julia texted me but i was beat tired so went back to kev's for sleep for a few hours before i had to be up for work at 7am which is where i am now. nothing too exciting, just crazy hectic week. im keeping my fingers crossed for art history because that exam is on monday. YIKES. tonight i asked the girls if they wanted to go out but i might have to cancel, which it seems like im doing a lot lately but i cant fail anymore classes than i already have just to go out. i did that the past two semsters and i cant afford it. its not that i dont want to hangout-because i would love that SOOOO much more than studying, its just everything is catching up with me BUT IT WILL ALL BE OVER BY THIS THURSDAY!!!!

thats my life. in a few paragraphs.

ps im excited for :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

which just came in the mail.
loves me a bateman.
pss. arrested development has taken over my life again and coudn't be happier.

ppssssss: goreman posted this already but whatev.

pppppsss cant wait for christmas this year<3

Saturday, December 6, 2008