Saturday, August 23, 2008

its early and im rambling. nothing new.

i havent written anything in a long time. too long.

my journal has become a stranger and anyone who knows me probably wouldnt believe that-

but anyway im using this to keep up with lawl::love:: and myself i guess.

so im sitting, here at work, bored to shit and all i can think about is the massive amounts of sugar that i put in my coffee. im aching to brush my teeth. ive developed an addiction to dental hygiene- its werid but i guess its not a bad addiction. i floss every second i get the chance. i swear ill be so pissed if i go to the dentist come november and i have a cavity. SO PISSED. im trying to get kev into doing it too considering he hasnt been to the dentist in years and i think hes picking up my habit-which i knew he would because we love picking, pulling, and popping things. im officially a dirtball. hahah

this week has been nuts...

i feel like i have been doing so much but really all i have been doing is taking naps. ive been sick for two weeks now with strept throat which i just found out on tuesday?my doctor is an idiot. wanted me to spend thirty dollars on medicated cough drops. fuck that. bitch needs to get a grip.

the rest of the week ive been taking care of stupid stuff like family visits(<3>
but thats pretty much it. i think kev and i are getting a hedgehog on sunday WHICH i am suuuuuper excited about. i have been wanting one for the longest time. we went to walmart last night to purchase hedgehog related items. best. iiight back to work.

laurel- you better be ready for some wifey action:)


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lawl said...


i'm excited some one else is kinda excited about blogs. trying to talk kel into it but she's stubborn and wants to make her own (i would to, if i could, but...still)

ps. soreadyforwifeytimes!