Thursday, December 18, 2008

prints paints and stuff

my crit with blavat went well but i thought it was going to be more of a good job crit than a you need to work on this kind of crit. he said a buncjh of good stuff too but whatevaaaa. he gave me a lot of insight throughout the semester and i think i learned a lot.
printmaking was so much fun-a lot of extra work but fun.
i might take extra printmaking classes just to take them.
and i just got doen talking with Hricko and i asked him if i can apprentice under him over the summer or next semester and he said yes
which is totally rad.
i feel like i can really learn a lot from him-especially when it comes to being precise and clean.
so yeah
thats my day.
im not really all here right now but i guess you already figured that.
now onto the last paper of the semester...
art history :.(

im so happy i think im going to pee all over her when i see her.
she has no idea.


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