Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i feel bad

but i cant stand kev's dog.
i dont know what it is-i thought he was cute the night we picked him up. i dont know what happened after that. i cant stand that he climbs all over anything and everyone and does has he pleases. he obviously wasnt trained to do certain things otherwise he wouldnt jump and run on everything and people would just be able to let him out rather than tend to him every second of the day. thats just annoying.anyway, thats not the point of me writing this, the point was that i feel really bad for hating something that kevin likes so much. i know it makes him happy and thats the only thing that matters. i love kev but i cant wait til tuesday so i can get away from a lot of things that bother me in that house and im not just talking about the dog..

6 days and counting.

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