Thursday, May 7, 2009

i keep wondering...

where ill be in a few years. i feel like over the next year im going to have to make decisions that will effect what happens years from now and that scares me. I feel like i'm not ready for anything. now thats a lie-im ready to graduate and get a fulltime -real- job. ive been ready for that for two years now. as for graduate school...maybe ill take classes while im teaching this way ill be making money and blah blah blah. i just want to get out of school at this point. someone at work told me yesterday to not have kids until im done school. i laughed because im no where near ready for kids in any/every way possible. it weird to think that i had a life plan from about the time i was 10 but nothing happened the way i planned it to be. i wish i could have a do-over from highschool on. i would have stayed away from certain people, gone to college after i graduated instead of waiting two years, and made things better between my parents.

my parents are the coolest and most of the free time i have i spend with them. the older i get, the more they are becoming my close friends which is the complete opposite of what they were six years ago. a lot of people cant believe that my parents are still together. they were married young and most of my friends parents are divorced. i cant imagine having kids at the age they did. 18 and 21...i cant even see me having kids in at least three years from now-that is if im in a a serious relationship/married/all that good stuff by then. oh man.

my head is going to explode today

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minusamanda said...

you can tell i was at work when i wrote this...its so choppy. whatevs