Wednesday, May 20, 2009

summer is finally here:)

this week i felt like my summer has officailly started.
monday i had work super early-be in at 645am til 1pm-which isnt bad at all.
afterward i rode to meet maggie in center city. grabbed a salad, hung out in rittenhouse, and did a little shopping. i bought a hoodie at h&m which was the only thing in there that i was interested in. they have really gone downhill. i feel like its not the same as it was four years ago. after that mags and i decided to grab a drink at marathon grill. i think we moved our seats there at least three times hahaha. we made an interesting list and drank some beers then julia and veronika met up with us. they addded to it too and we ordered a table full of drinks at 6:58 so we could get all of the 5-7 happy hour prices. they were THE worst drinks i think i have ever had. they werent mixed well let alone tasted normal. i think they were trying to get us to leave by making our drinks taste like shit. ughhhhhk. we all split up and julia and i headed back to her house-drunk as a skunk- on our bikes. im glad i didnt get hit. but i had fun just talking to her and listening to mest in her basement. julia rules.

tuesday i had work again

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