Wednesday, November 5, 2008

don't pick this one apart because you'll never understand it.

i cant.
youre asking this of me now without even considering where i am in my life right now and who it involves. youre only out to get for yourself and maybe i should'nt be the one to say that...considering the facts. but its a lot harder for me to answer this question than it has to answer many.
[i'm aware that this doesn't make sense to a single person but to me]
i know what i'm talking about and this is my response to what you sent me.
i can only do what i think is right and i know im not sure right now what that is exactly, not to mention how i messed up already, but i'm trying to salvage what is left

of me
of us

i cant give up yet
even though-
even though sometimes i want to.
i have already lost so much, i dont want to lose anymore.
you're probably thinking lose what?
and maybe thats half of my problem.
or all of my problem.

full of conjunctions i know.

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