Sunday, November 2, 2008

this was the lost blog. thats not even finished. whateves

its been a crazy week
and a lot of fun
the beginning of the week is a little blurry. tuesday printmaking, hangout with ryz for some unexpected awesomeness of food-AND IT SNOWED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! it wasnt too much and looked beautiful. i love when you look up and it falls slow just enough to catch it on your tounge. ps <3maggies song

wednesday was jana maganas birthday:) so after kev and i got our fabric for our halloween costumes her and i went out to 12 steps down to watch the last innings of the game. after only two beers in each of us we proceeded to run, yes run, to broad street. (lawl:two words, SHIN SPLINTS.) go figure. when im drunk i can do anything.we wanted to yell so we got out on the median-we were one of the first people who made it out to broad street mind you-and realized we started yelling with these people who were supporting obama. i was like, im not trying to do this right now. wrong kind of yelling. so then we ran down broad street some more and ended up running into justin and company. he gave us a treat and then more people started to flood the streets. later on kev somm and maggie teamed up and we walked around some more and people were going nuts. nakedness, drunks, broken things, riots, bonfires, fireworks, and confetti. so much fun. oh and subway walls hahahahhaaa. public pee count that night:four. total picture count: 17, or so.

havent felt this sick in a while. had to get up and head to crane arts to visit the galleries and my printmaking teachers studio. his studio is huge and p e r f e c t. i have no idea how an artist could be so clean, neat, and organized. and he has an awesome view of the city. i guess you get the penthouse suite when you own the place. then went out to lunch with ryan and priscilla at paradise. mmmmm yeah its a must. then rushed a paper out went to art ed, ate somm EXPENSIVE ass chinese that bummed me out, and more work, then kev and i played with sb t hh for a bit and retired early.
friday went home saw my brother with an aircast and wanted to squish him. now both of my siblings are in boots and both are now immobile. i know im next with my luck. but anyway, someone covered my two hours that i was supposed to go in for work so i figured id head to the parade right from nj. parked at thompson and columbia walked to the el which wasnt running so i hopped on the 15 and took it to broad. orange line wasnt running so i walked to city hall from broad and girard. i dont know why i didnt walk up 13th because i got stuck at city hall literally shoulder to shoulder. i never wanted to punch as many people as i did when i realized i couldnt move. no one had service so i couldnt even call jana or maggie to let them know where i was. but anyway to make matters even better some guy who was about two heads in front of me couldnt hold his liquor and threw up all over the guy next to him and even on the little boy in front of him. ughhh YUCKKKK i was llike NOPE and got out of there asap, the opposite way duhh. once i got away from the 15th and market area and jumped on 13th i just went right to the cop shop where i accidentally ran into maggie which was awesome because phones still werent working. so jana was lost from us for a little bit but then found.

i was able to get in touch with my parents who were at broad and biglar with my little john and natacat. so we made it all the way down broad,surrounded by some of phillys most interesting people.

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