Monday, November 24, 2008

sweata sweata go getta

so im back from chicago and i feel like it was exactly what i needed. i've been so stressed out lately that i needed to get away before i went nuts.kev and i had a lot of fun even when we were driving for hours on end. kev's friend melissa was so nice and so were her roommates and it was cool that they let us stay there. we did a bunch of different things and ate a lot of toasted sandwiches and drank a lot of carmel apple ciders, which is now a staple again in my life. i think they think we're both nuts considering we kept talking about mimsys and borgoves hahahaha
but anyway
we left on wednesday night and it took us around 12hours to get there which was great and basically slept all of thursday away. went thrift store shopping but was unsuccessful but kinda was successful considering that was what kept us warm before the show. gaslight anthem played first and they need to get a grip on their set list. they didn't play the song kev and i wanted to hear and covered this eight minute cover song which no one cared about. but they did play some songs from their new cd that i enjoyed-which kev and i were embarrassed to even sing out loud. but overall, i'd say was a bum out. i think kev would've enjoyed it more if andrew was there because i just kept saying how disgusted i was. thrice was next and it was weird seeing them because i thought they fell off a cliff back in 2003. i always saw them in highschool by default and never really cared about them. kev said they just put out four concept EP's that were based off of wind, fire, blah blah basically they want to be a captain planet tribute band.they played for too long even though i didn't mind it as much as i probably sound now. so alkaline went on and they opened up i think with private eye. if not, then they played private eye, whatever i was a little drunk. they played emma which i was surprised because i thought everyone forgot about good mourning. they played a lot from the new record which was awesome because even though its a little poppy, agony and irony is a pretty good record. the only problem i had was that they only played for 20mins. yep, that's it. i guess that's what i get for driving to the middle of the country to see them when they aren't headlining. i was bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmed times ten. NOT EVEN INCLUDING the fact that matt skiba was wearing more eyeliner than i ever have in my entire life and he was dressed in the color white. white shoes, jeans, shirt-really? and suspenders and a silly hat. i dont know what happened to him. what a gorgeous mess.

ill add more laterrrrr

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