Saturday, November 8, 2008

haiiiiikus.that dont mean anything

these silly haikus
are what i complete at work
when you are not here:)

cakes are people too
when you look at them underneath
all full of filler.

oh baby please
my heart sinks to my feet
its just you and me.

things you hate the most
are the ones that i call home
to be left unsaid.

yesterday is ours
now is todays tomorrow
further calls my name.

hello little bird
maybe today will be yours
where you can escape:)

when pizzas on a
bagel you can eat pizza
-ok so that one doesnt fit. but wo cares.

into my pocket
goes everything i need
including my bee.

pockets and buttons
crushed leaves with two dryer sheets
on the walk back home.

personal, descriptive
binding taping layering
personal through application

go ahead tell me im a nerd.

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lawl said...

<3 my favorite nerd