Sunday, November 16, 2008


who wants to go to the MOMA with me?
i want to go again because i didnt get to see everything the last time i went.
i want to see thingsss plz.
i have been doing nothing at work except for wasting away the hours on the Internet by reading celebrity blogs, quizzes, checking my email and facebook repetitively, and doing everything besides for doing actual school work. im a procrastinator as is though. is there anything else i can do online? i feel so, nonproductive. maybe because i dont really do anything. i wish i worked during the week so the hours didn't drag. my new thing is to google search things, well thats not really new to me, but rather than what im searching...medical things. i cant spit the words out to form a complete sentence sorry. like gout, psychological disorders, and diseases. i dont know if its because im a partial hypochondriac or just because i work in a hospital.but really, thats foul....

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gout stool.
F O U L.


lawl said...

that hand is gross.

however psychological disorders are fun. i'm talking to some woman about being an RA in a behavioral reform disorder something or other place here. bound to be a good time.

lawl said...
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