Sunday, November 9, 2008


so im feeling a little bit better about things than a few days ago.
today i dont feel as terrible as i did on thurs, fri, and yesterday.
everytime i get sick like that i let it take over my life and i feel like i have to reassess everything else thats im my life. its like i cant seem to focus on anything else thats going on besides how and why i became sick. i hope that no one else has to go through this, its the worst pain ever. the kind of pain that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you up at night. ok, but im going to stop there with the complaining because its not worth it. anyway, thats almost over:)
the best thing that happened this week though was that i ended up getting a grant that paid off the rest of my loan for the fall semester. i didnt think i was going to be able to go to school in the spring because of my $3500 out standing balance for this semester. so that means i dont have to get a full time job to try and work off the $3500. and this means i get to keep getting free medicine through temple anddddd i wouldnt have to take a semester off. although, im still going to be set back because i didnt think i would be able to get into my internship because of the money issue but im glad i have the chance to go to school at all. im working on my credit so i hopefully wont have any problems next semester. or at least as bad as i had it for the fall.
so cool right?
so im feeling better, going to school, got medical coverage, wont have to start paying back loans yet, and life is good. no, god is good, life is great. hahaaa was talking about that video from third grade today where i sang that song at communion ridicccc
now next on my list, getting back into shape. went to the drs. on friday and i weighed in at 106 which is awesome considering i dont do anything but eat snacks and take nap-spittin my ryhmes all the time. shout out ot a future eminem on salmon street-yeah, just need to do something though. i need to get rid of this thing around my tummy that i developed when i stopped riding my bike and started dating kev. ahem. but thats what i get for watching the food network all days for days on end.

the count down for chicago is ten days.
im excited because ive never been. i wish i wasnt working on that saturday so we could stay longer. im nervous about taking kevs car though because his transmission is slowly going and my dumb luck, ill be stranded in some empty field in illinois. and then i would cry. a lot. in reality though, if it were to break down, we would probably be in kentucky because kev will think hes right about taking a turn instead of listening to any of the directions.
it should be funnn havent seen alkaline in a few years and seeing them in chicago should be rad
and the little guy is coming with us! splashbox the traveler.he is the best. love that little grump.

gotta get back to studying art history

ps was going through my photobucket
look how gay i was five years ago.
hopefully you cant click on this thing enought to read my shirt.

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lawl said...

chicago..wha? i'm jealous!